Thoughts on Google Health and Microsoft HealthVault

Intro and Basic functionality:

This is a slight difference between the two.

Microsoft HealthVault is a web-based platform from Microsoft to store and maintain health and fitness information for both individuals and healthcare professionals. A HealthVault record stores an individual’s health information. Access to a record is through a HealthVault account, which may be authorized to access records for multiple individuals, so that a mother may manage records for each of her children or a son may have access to his father’s record to help the father deal with medical issues. Access to the account is through Windows Live ID or a limited set of OpenID Continue reading “Thoughts on Google Health and Microsoft HealthVault”

Siri Demo: Things you can do with Siri (Demo Transcript)

* All about your contact information

        * Call me JJ.
        * what’s my name?
        * what’s your name?
        * what’s my home address?
        * where am I?
        * How can i go to school?
        * what’s my phone number?
        * what’s my email address?

How does Zipcar apply Porter’s Competitive Forces Model on IT decisions

Porter provides the general manager with a classic view of the major five forces that shape the competitive environment of a firm. These five competitive forces are:

  1. Potential threat of new entrants
  2. Bargaining power of buyers
  3. Bargaining power of suppliers
  4. Threat of substitute products
  5. Industry competitors

When a firm resolves those competitive forces, it wins the game.

The main tools to resolve each of the forces. Continue reading “How does Zipcar apply Porter’s Competitive Forces Model on IT decisions”

How does iPhone change my Life – Apps I use

Seriously, DO NOT buy an iPhone.
If you do, you will, someday soon after the purchasing, find yourself can’t live without it.
What’s more, you will be bored to death without network connection on your iPhone.
iPhone has changed my life a lot. It makes life easier and more enjoyable.
Let’s see what I have on my iPhone.
  • For Phone apps:
I have both Google Voice and Skype.
Google Voice is nice because it could convert audio message into text message,which is super awesome.
However, I use Skype the most to call my parents and high school friends due toits convenience and Continue reading “How does iPhone change my Life – Apps I use”