How does iPhone change my Life – Apps I use

Seriously, DO NOT buy an iPhone.
If you do, you will, someday soon after the purchasing, find yourself can’t live without it.
What’s more, you will be bored to death without network connection on your iPhone.
iPhone has changed my life a lot. It makes life easier and more enjoyable.
Let’s see what I have on my iPhone.
  • For Phone apps:
I have both Google Voice and Skype.
Google Voice is nice because it could convert audio message into text message,which is super awesome.
However, I use Skype the most to call my parents and high school friends due toits convenience andfreaking low rate.
  • Utilities apps:
HiCalc : Just like Texas’ TI 84 calculator, it can do drawing and equation solving stuff.
RedLaser: Take a pic of the barcode of anything, and it would give you the price of it. Now this function has also been embedded into Amazon and eBay apps.
Print n Share: help wireless print your email or documents directly on the wireless printers (a must have if your printer doesn’t support AirPrint yet).
  • Books apps:
Stanza: you may get a huge bunch of free ebooks, if you know the library URL, with really enjoyable reading experience.
Campusbooks: enter the ISBN, title, author or keyword of the book, you can get and compare the prices on almost all online bookstore like amazon,, eBay, etc.
You can also easily free your hand by scanning the book barcode instead of entering the above info by hand.
  • News apps:
Reeder: most famous news app on iPhone with excellent UI design.
Mashable: all about techs
Pulse News: great UI design just as excellent as its iPad version
White House, NPR News
  • SNS apps:
微博:people say it’s the Chinese version of Twitter
I use it a lot because lots of celebrities and successful people I admire are using it.
QQ, Messenger, Facebook, 人人, 微信, Twitter: all the same kind.
  • Productivity apps:
Mobile learn: an app for Blackboard.
Evernote: take notes, pics and even videos anytime anywhere and automatically synchronize it with your other Apple products over the Cloud.
GoodReader: Primarily used to read PDF files.
Tumblr: you know it.
网易公开课: a group of people that translates most of the iTunes-U videos into Chinese ( subs). Thousands, if not millions, of office workers in China are benefiting from it, saying watching one class on it values more than learning a year in their colleges.
  • Reference apps:
Powerword: en-ch translator, I believe every Chinese student has this app on his or her phone.
Dictionary: en-en dictionary, which originates from
SoundHound: give a rhythm of a forgotten song, and it will find the song for you, as long as it is on and iTunes.
Wikipanion: an app alternative of the website
  • Network apps:
AppleRemote: remote for your iTunes library on your mac and the Apple TV.
File File Here: remotely utilize the files located from your mac on your iPhone.
Air Video: play any format of video from your computer over wifi.
  • Video apps:
TED, Flixster, Netflix, CWTV, HBO, CNTV
  • Finance apps:
Bank of America, myAT&T, PayPal, DailyFinance
Those are the apps I have and usually use on my iPhone to bring me efficiency and productivity.
Comment bellow and share what you great apps you have.
Have a nice night 🙂

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