Google Chrome for Mac Tips On Keyboard Shortcuts

(note: you need a Mac or iOS device to view this entry correctly)
Google Chrome on the Mac offers a great set of shortcuts to make even easier for navigation and navigation. The following keyboard hotkeys or accelerators are the lists of the most common and useful ones built into Google Chrome browser.

Window And Tab Shortcuts:
+SHIFT+N : opens a window in incognito mode that allows you to surf the web without leaving behind any digital footprints
+N : opens a new window in normal mode
+T : opens a new tab
+SHIFT+T : to open the recently closed windows or tabs
+click a link : will open the link in a new tab
+W : to close current tab
+Q : to quit Google Chrome
+ALT+ ← : switch to the previous/left tab
+ALT+ → : switch to the next/right tab

Shortcuts To Open Google Chrome Features: 
+Y : View history
+SHIFT+ J : View the Downloads page

Webpage Shortcuts:
+P : Print the page
+R : Reload page
ALT+click a link : to download the linked file
ALT+F : Find word(s)
+G : Find the next match for word(s) you are looking for
+SHIFT+G : Find the previous match for word(s) you are looking for
+ALT+U : View source
+D : Bookmark current page
+ + : Make text larger
+ – : Make text smaller
+ 0 : Return to normal text size

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