Privacy and security threats on the Internet

As for human’s nature, on one side, everyone seems pretty much to take his or her privacy into serious consideration. However, on the other side, everyone is curious about others’ secrets or say privacy(This sentence is translated from the opening words to this article: “How to encrypt yourself”, XinhuaNews,, June 4, 2004).As broadcasting information becomes easier, personal privacy is becoming easier to collect. I’ll talk about a few common traps and threats around the internet.

1. Signing up. On the internet, signing up usually requires users to offer various amount of personal information to certain software providers or service providers, which would give providers a convenient way to collect some data and do statistics in order to provide better services. Those personal information may includes the user’s real name, age, gender, address, phone number, Continue reading “Privacy and security threats on the Internet”

Some Thoughts on IT Doesn’t Matter: What IT Really Is

Let’s be straight forward, omitting the tedious and boring introductions.

Carr generally put forward two points in <IT Doesn’t Matter>.

  • Most companies are over-investing money on IT facilities.
  • IT doesn’t matter, because the advantages of it are shrinking for the Commoditization of IT.

I partially agree with the first assertion.

It is true that some companies nowadays spend too much on IT and get very little in return. Continue reading “Some Thoughts on IT Doesn’t Matter: What IT Really Is”

How to hack to change the created and modified date of a file

We can do this trick with a single terminal command.

first dive into the directory where the file is stored.
touch -t YYYYMMDDhhmmss fileName.extension

Done, if the time you entered is before the original created time, both created and modified time would be changed to the new time assigned. However, if the time you entered is after the original created time, only the modified time would be affected.

eg. There is a file, test.doc, on your Desktop. Continue reading “How to hack to change the created and modified date of a file”

Best way to detect integer overflow

On assignment C-bootcamp1, we were asked to write a factorial function.
The difficult part is how to detect integer overflow.

Defective idea
After some research with Google, I found a post on, which guides me to fault. I can’t find the original post though.

It says, when integer overflow occurs, the result(n * (n-1)) is smaller than n.
Because, int, on a 32 bit machine, is 32bits, the return value is truncated when it needs more bits, namely when it is Continue reading “Best way to detect integer overflow”

Boot argument options in OS X


sudo nvram boot-args="iog=0x0"

This reverses the “Clamshell” mode for Apple’s laptop systems, where when you close the display but connect the system to an external monitor and keyboard the system will stay awake. After running this command, when connecting an external monitor, the internal display will be disabled, which can be beneficial in some situations such as those where you are mirroring your desktop but wish to run the external display at a higher resolution than your laptop can run.
To disable these features and have the system boot normally without any extra options, you can erase them from the nvram by either resetting it or, more specifically, by running either of the following commands in the Terminal (these will reset the boot arguments instead of resetting all the nvram variables):

sudo nvram boot-args=""
sudo nvram -d boot-args

For further reading, check out Boot argument options in OS X from CNet to see all options you could operate on NVRAM.



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当然也听不懂别人在说什么, 因为全部都跟你无关. 千万别称水瓶男为怪胎, 他会洋洋得意, 因为他才懒得跟这一群凡人一样, 他宁愿当个一类, 也不愿意被当个正常人一般看待, 所以, 当你发现一个怪胎, 千万别怀疑, 他一定是水瓶座!!

老自以为是天才, 却做出蠢材的行为, 水瓶男的一声志向永远在改变而且令人不耻, 不是立志当个情妇、小白脸,就是赚到一大笔钱然后去月球走一遭, 或是去住到难民区, 饿死了也没关系,这一切只为了跟别人不一样。像你这种 Continue reading “就是你,水瓶男”