Template: Reply to an email for a preliminary job interview?

Ms. [her last name]

Thank you for your email regarding the [position] at [company]. I appreciate the opportunity to speak with you about the position, and would prefer you call me at [number] on [date and time].


[your full name]


Your answer doesn’t have to be any longer than her original email, and you can let her know when you’ll call her, or (as I did above) when she should call you.

Keep it professional, but you can mention any specific topics aobut you might have questions about, such as schedule, benefits, whatever. Don’t mention salary unless it is mentioned first, but certainly not in your email response.

Other than that, what I offered above should be completely sufficient.

(admin, “Free Career Advice Online”, April 30, 2009,http://www.highere.com/reply-to-an-email-for-a-preliminary-job-interview/)

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