Best Email Client for Mac

When it comes to what is the best email client for Mac, everyone has their own preferences.
The best choice really depends on your needs. Every email client is designed to fulfill a specific group’s needs.

Here we compare three clients: native Apple MailPostbox, and Sparrow, from two main aspects: their costs and features worth considering.

Apple MailFree, simple. Since it is developed by Apple itself, Mail is highly integrated with the system and takes the least memory. It is very easy to organize and manage emails with rules and smart mailboxes. But it lacks support of Gmail labels.

Postbox$9.95. Postbox has all the features that Mail has, because Apple Mail sort of learned from Postbox. Plus, it integrates support with Twitter and Evernote. It has some decent support for Gmail, like you can see labeled messages. But you have to spend some time to figuring out gmail labeling. Even worse, it really has bad support for Notification Center. While, the message do show up in the Notification Center, but the notifications never fade away after you click and finish reading it, until you manually delete them in Notification Center.

Sparrow$9.99. Since Sparrow has been acquired by Google, it has the best support for Gmail. Almost all the Gmail features are here: Labels, starred, priority inbox, one-key shortcuts, Send & Archive… The down side is, it doesn’t come with the support for rules and smart mailboxes, so that users have to manually organize emails. Also, the messages are not searchable in Spotlight. Hope they will add Spotlight support in the short future.

A college student, like me, has a lot of emails (Our college uses Google Apps) going in and out every day. On one hand, We want to label a couple of them as follow-up, important or starred, to have further follow-up or read later. On the other hand, we sometimes need to label our outgoing emails as important to draw the recipients attention, so they won’t miss it.
Due to my special requirements and dependency on Gmail, Sparrow fits me the best.
What’s your choice?

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