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A Scheme Game Project from two years ago

Squares GameDownload and try the game at the end of the page.
What is Scheme:
Scheme is a functional programming language developed at the MIT AI Lab by Guy L. Steele and Gerald Jay Sussman, who introduced a thing called Lambda.
This language is applied to teaching students programming theories at MIT, and then is now used in may universities around the world.
Scheme IDE can be downloaded here. (It is now named “Racket”)
The Scheme Programming Language is a good book to begin with for self learning.

High level description:
Our ship is a fairlly big sized pink square,
whose posn is our mouse position.
The objects come from random position of four sides
Colliding with the following objects will have the following effects.
1. good.(good): hitting one of these will give you points;
2.better.(better): hitting this will give you an even bigger points bonus

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