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Computer Books

c programming - a modern approach 2e
jQuery Books
Learning from jQuery

If you’re comfortable with jQuery but a bit shaky with JavaScript, this concise guide will help you expand your knowledge of the language – especially the code that jQuery covers up for you. Many jQuery devotees write as little code as possible, but with some JavaScript under your belt, you can prevent errors, reduce overhead, and make your application code more efficient. This book explores event handling, prototypes, and working with the DOM and AJAX through examples and lots of code. You’ll learn common conventions and patterns in JavaScript and – if you’ve never coded with JavaScript before—a tutorial will take you through the basics.

jQuery Mobile: Up and Running

Would you like to build one mobile web application that works on iPad and Kindle Fire as well as iPhone and Android smartphones? This introductory guide to jQuery Mobile shows you how. Through a series of hands-on exercises, you’ll learn the best ways to use this framework’s many interface components to build customizable, multiplatform apps. You don’t need any programming skills or previous experience with jQuery to get started. By the time you finish this book, you’ll know how to create responsive, Ajax-based interfaces that work on a variety of smartphones and tablets, using jQuery Mobile and semantic HTML5 code.

jQuery UI

With the jQuery UI library, you can apply the power and standards of jQuery to user interface design, complete with interactive elements, animation, and themeable widgets. This concise, code-heavy guide demonstrates how to harness interactive features that HTML5 lacks, including tabs, accordions, and dialog boxes. You’ll also learn how to program common but complex tasks, such as managing drag and drop and autocomplete, that make it easier for users to interact with your site. This book provides a quick tour of how jQuery UI can improve your HTML pages, followed by standalone chapters that focus on each of the components in detail. If you’re a web developer or designer looking to enrich your website with new features – without having to dive into full-fledged Javascript – jQuery UI is a must.

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Algorithms in a Nutshell
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