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How to make Windows support Chinese

There are some famous Chinese applications that even a foreigner want to use, such as PPS for video streaming,Thunder for BT and easyMule for P2P file sharing. However, there comes the gibberish problems if you are not using a Chinese language system.(Because those applications are not using Unicode.)


Follow the following steps to address this issue. No package or application installation required.  

How to post source code on WordPress

The trick is to use the WordPress
[ sourcecode] tag, as documented at http://en.support.wordpress.com/code/posting-source-code/

Note: You have to enclose the [ sourcecode] shortcut tag in square – not pointy – brackets.
Here is a snippets of C code.

The default for wraplines is true, which causes long lines to be wrapped. That isn’t appropriate for Python, so specify Continue reading