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What is vim recording?

vim with recording turned on

Recording is a really useful feature of Vim. 

You start recording by pressing “Q” key followed by any other letter keystroke, and you can end it by typing “Q” again. 

It records everything you type. You can then replay it simply by typing “@“ followed by the letter. 

Record search, movement, replacement…

This is one of the best features of Vim.

One more thing to note is that you can hit any number before the “@“ to replay the recording that many times like (100@<letter>) will play your recorded actions 100 times. 

How to Use Multiple Audio Outputs on Mac

The Scenario is this: 

Screen Shot 2013 09 29 at 2 16 04 PM

I have a Bose Mini SoundLink bluetooth speaker and a headset connected to my MacBook. Normally you can only have one device making sound and can switch between them.


This is a native utility tool, Audio MIDI Setup, on OS X, that let you take advantage of multiple inputs and outputs.

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How to remote control your PC from outside your home network

Note: Although Our tutorial uses RDP protocol to control Windows PC, the same idea also applies to remote control Mac or Linux with VNC protocol.



1. Allow remote connections on Windows

RDP success

To access one computer from another, you first need to allow remote connections on the computer you want to access, which must be running one of the following versions of Windows:
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Best Email Client for Mac

When it comes to what is the best email client for Mac, everyone has their own preferences.
The best choice really depends on your needs. Every email client is designed to fulfill a specific group’s needs.

Here we compare three clients: native Apple Mail, Postbox, and Sparrow, from two main aspects: their costs and features worth considering. Continue reading