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Some Thoughts on IT Doesn’t Matter: What IT Really Is

Let’s be straight forward, omitting the tedious and boring introductions.

Carr generally put forward two points in <IT Doesn’t Matter>.

  • Most companies are over-investing money on IT facilities.
  • IT doesn’t matter, because the advantages of it are shrinking for the Commoditization of IT.

I partially agree with the first assertion.

It is true that some companies nowadays spend too much on IT and get very little in return. Continue reading


Synergies between Zipcar’s Business Model and IT

You may read the zipcar case here: case 2.2 zipcar

What are the synergies between Zipcar’s business model and IT?

IT is applied closely in every corner of Zipcar’s business from making reservation, picking a car, and fulfilling and returning car, to paying the bills.

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