Great Phrases

vanish in a poof 噗一声消失不见了 If sites counted video-streaming rebuffer events against their availability, their multiple nines availability would vanish in a poof. (line 8, Sender-side buffers and the case for multimedia adaptation)
at first blush 乍一看 These types of questions are of great interest to economists and others, and at first blush it appears reasonable to assume that each has a clear-cut answer. But, as with many things in economics, the reality is different.(para 1. PPP Versus the Market: Which Weight Matters?)
stay tuned 敬请期待
in droves 成群的 As currently conceived, windows RT is a lemon, and users are avoiding it in droves. (para 8, Windows RT is a lemon. Here’s how Microsoft could make lemonade)
at ones discretion 随意 An administrator could pick names at their discretion.
odds are good 很有可能 If you are going to write code these days, odds are good you’ll be writing it in one of these languages.
In a nutshell, 简而言之 In a nutshell, C is the best language to start with because many other languages used the vast majority of C’s syntax and structure.